Matthew Wolf

matthew.adam.wolf [at]

I received my Ph.D. in linguistics from the University of Massachusetts in 2008. After that I was a visiting faculty member in the Department of Linguistics at Georgetown University for the 2008-2009 academic year, and then a visitor and postdoc at the Yale University Linguistics Department from 2009 to 2012.

Since then I have moved on to other endeavors outside of academia, but most of my linguistic works will continue to be available on this page. I don't follow the literature anymore, so I'm not in a position to review papers or abstracts, or to discuss research in any sort of detail. However, please feel free to send me an email at the address above if you'd like to get in touch.

Selected papers and handouts

Wolf, Matthew (2005). An autosegmental theory of quirky mutations. In John Alderete, Chung-Hye Han, and Alexei Kochetov (eds.), Procedings of the Twenty-Fourth West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics. Somerville, MA: Cascadilla Proceedings Project, pp. 370-378. Available as LingRef #1243.

Wolf, Matthew (2007). For an autosegmental theory of mutation. In Leah Bateman, Michael O'Keefe, Ehren Reilly, and Adam Werle (eds.), University of Massachusetts Occasional Papers in Linguistics 32: Papers in Optimality Theory III. Amherst: GLSA, pp. 315-404.

Wolf, Matthew (2007). What constraint connectives should be permitted in OT? In Michael Becker (ed.), University of Massachusetts Occasional Papers in Linguistics 36: Papers in Theoretical and Computational Phonology. Amherst: GLSA, pp. 151-179.

Wolf, Matthew (2007). Vice-versa as contrastive focus. Talk presented at 81st Linguistic Society of America Annual Meeting, Anaheim. Handout

Wolf, Matthew (2008). Optimal Interleaving: Serial Phonology-Morphology Interaction in a Constraint-Based Model. Ph.D. dissertation, University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Wolf, Matthew (2009). Mutation and learnability in Optimality Theory. In Anisa Schardl, Martin Walkow, and Muhammad Abdurrahman (eds.), Proceedings of the Thirty-Eighth Annual Meeting of the North East Linguistic Society, vol. 2, pp. 469-482.

Wolf, Matthew (2009). Local ordering in phonology-morphology interleaving: Evidence for OT-CC. Talk presented at 83rd Linguistic Society of America Annual Meeting, San Francisco. Handout

Wolf, Matthew, and John J. McCarthy (2010). Less than zero: Correspondence and the null output. In Sylvia Blaho and Curt Rice (eds.), Modeling Ungrammaticality in Optimality Theory. London: Equinox, pp. 17-66. Earlier version available here.

Kawahara, Shigeto, and Matthew Wolf (2010). On the existence of root-initial-accenting suffixes: An elicitation study of Japanese [-zu]. Linguistics 48.4, pp. 837-864. Prepublication version available here. See also here for one erratum.

Wolf, Matthew (2010). On the existence of counterfeeding from the past. Talk presented at 84th Linguistic Society of America Annual Meeting, Baltimore. Corrected handout

Wolf, Matthew (2010). Implications of affix-protecting junctural underapplication. In Jon Scott Stevens (ed.), University of Pennsylvania Working Papers in Linguistics 16.1: Proceedings of the 33rd Annual Penn Linguistics Colloquium. Philadelphia: Penn Linguistics Club. Proceedings version; Prepublication draft (proceedings version has some pagination issues, so the draft may be more readable)

Wolf, Matthew (2011). Limits on global rules in Optimality Theory with Candidate Chains. Phonology 28.1, pp. 87-128. Prepublication draft available here.

Wolf, Matthew (2011). Exceptionality. In Marc van Oostendorp, Colin J. Ewen, Elizabeth Hume, and Keren Rice (eds.), The Blackwell Companion to Phonology, vol. 4: Phonological Interfaces. Oxford: Blackwell, pp. 2538-2559. (Sadly, it seems I no longer have a copy of this.)

Wolf, Matthew (2012). Inversion of stress-conditioned phonology in Stratal OT. Ms., Yale University. Available as Lingbuzz/001547.

Wolf, Matthew (2013). Candidate chains, unfaithful spell-out, and outwards-looking phonologically-conditioned allomorphy. Morphology 23.2, pp. 145-178. (Special issue on “New theoretical tools in the modeling of morphological exponence”, guest-edited by Jochen Trommer.) Prepublication draft available as LingBuzz/001318.

Wolf, Matthew (2015). Lexical insertion occurs in the phonological component. In Eulàlia Bonet, Maria-Rosa Lloret, and Joan Mascaró Altimiras (eds.), Understanding Allomorphy: Perspectives from Optimality Theory. Sheffield: Equinox, pp. 361-407.

Wolf, Matthew (2016). Cyclicity and non-cyclicity in Maltese: Local ordering of phonology and morphology in OT-CC. In John J. McCarthy and Joe Pater (eds.), Harmonic Grammar and Harmonic Serialism. Sheffield: Equinox, pp. 327-368. Available as LingBuzz/001319.

Deal, Amy Rose, and Matthew Wolf (2016). Outwards-sensitive phonologically conditioned allomorphy in Nez Perce. In Vera Gribanova and Stephanie S. Shih (eds.), The Morphosyntax-Phonology Connection: Locality and Directionality at the Interface. Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp. 29-60. Available as LingBuzz/001791.

Other things

During my project on cyclicity in Maltese, I complied this bibliography of all the works I could find on any aspect of Maltese phonetics, phonology, morphology, and/or orthography. This was last updated sometime in 2013, and even then contained a number of gaps, but I thought I'd post it here in case it might be useful.